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Wednesday, 30 April 2014 22:40

Statement from the Christian Brothers Oceania Province

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In the wake of the Royal Commission's public inquiry into Christian Brothers' institutions in Western Australia, the congregation has released a statement below reiterating the apology first made in 1993 to victims of abuse and expressing their commitment to redress and healing.

30 April 2014

Dear Brothers, Colleagues, Friends, 

Over the past three days, the Royal Commission has heard stories of abuse and suffering that challenge our humanity.

The eleven men who have bravely given testimony in Perth have told of the impact of these past failures on their lives and those close to them.

Their suffering is intense, raw and deeply moving.

To these men and all those who continue to endure this terrible suffering, we want to say that we have heard them and acknowledge their pain.

What occurred at Castledare, Bindoon, Tardun and Clontarf is of the deepest shame to current Christian Brothers. \

We will never defend the indefensible.

To the survivors of abuse in those four institutions, we reiterate our apology first made in 1993.

This apology endures and will never be rescinded.

We commit ourselves to walking with these men on their lifelong journey in search of redress and healing for the failures of the past.

While what has happened cannot be changed, we will continue to seek to work with all victims, responding to individual needs and circumstances with compassion, care and respect.

Yours sincerely

Brian Brandon cfc
Executive Officer for Professional Standards
Christian Brothers Oceania Province